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This blog contains reflections from my journal. I am always interested in where others are in their lives in these matters of the soul, so if you are moved to share, please do so. Simply go to the Contact page, or leave a comment at the end of any of my entries. Meanwhile, blessings on your journey.

Below are links to the ten most recent entries. To view more, use the pagination menu at the bottom of each listing page.

The Fear Shall Not Consume Me

… I received the message from within to quiet my mind and feel the deep longing for the warmth of connection that lives within my soul.


Valuing the Warmth of Connection

…the following inquiry arose: Can I come to value the warmth of my connection with Pat?


Facing the Terror of Embodiment-The World of Sensations, Feelings, and Emotions

I noticed a whiff of fear arise as I contemplated letting go of my mind and dropping into the abyss of the unknown – the abyss of my body and what my body holds in the way of unconscious knowing and feeling.


Blessed and Beloved

“Gary, you are blessed!” Such was the short sentence from my Pathwork Helper Moira Shaw in response to my sending her my most recent version of the Devotional Format of Pathwork Lecture #250 that I finished creating yesterday.


A Perfect Square Peg, in Search Of A Perfect Square Hole

That “Consummate Student” would be the “Perfect Square Peg” scenario of my life story. … Then I map my Perfect Square Peg student-status into my real life story of living.


A Long and Growing Love Affair with the Pathwork Guide

The evolution of my relationship with the Pathwork Guide as I developed the audio and Devotional Version renditions of the Pathwork Lectures.


Spiritual Steppingstones – a Sharing

In the spirit of this blog, I am choosing to share the current version of my spiritual steppingstones — version May 17, 2015


Hypostatic Union for All Revisited

Revisiting the topic of hypostatic union and Marcus Borg’s use of the word panentheism.


And the Greatest of These Is Love (1 Cor 13:13)

This long blog covers a particularly rich session with my Pathwork Helper, Moira Shaw. It builds on Pathwork Lecture 192 – Real and False Needs, especially as related to my love for Pat.


Grounded Uniqueness; Spiritual Rock Climbing

What this says to me is that as we move toward unitive consciousness from our earthbound dualistic consciousness, we tap into the power of the Cosmos and that Cosmic Power enables us to be more who we are and hence truly unique!