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A Shared Life of Wrestling, Growth, and Discovery

Gary's Blog

This blog contains reflections from my journal. I am always interested in where others are in their lives in these matters of the soul, so if you are moved to share, please do so. Simply go to the Contact page, or leave a comment at the end of any of my entries. Meanwhile, blessings on your journey.

Below are links to the ten most recent entries. To view more, use the pagination menu at the bottom of each listing page.

Hypostatic Union for All Revisited

Revisiting the topic of hypostatic union and Marcus Borg’s use of the word panentheism.


And the Greatest of These Is Love (1 Cor 13:13)

This long blog covers a particularly rich session with my Pathwork Helper, Moira Shaw. It builds on Pathwork Lecture 192 – Real and False Needs, especially as related to my love for Pat.


Grounded Uniqueness; Spiritual Rock Climbing

What this says to me is that as we move toward unitive consciousness from our earthbound dualistic consciousness, we tap into the power of the Cosmos and that Cosmic Power enables us to be more who we are and hence truly unique!


Free to be a Heretic

Regarding the first point, being my own person, I ask myself, “Can I be my own person without endorsement from others to whom I give authority?”


Es ist vollbracht – a Good Friday Reflection, 2015

Pat and I are seeing this day as a day of integration of our experience of Good Friday, Maundy Thursday, and, for me, weeks, before Holy Week.


Dancing with Belovedness

A Mid-Lenten Retreat Experience … Seeing my level of resistance to belovedness, I realize that this time of exploration and reflection promises to be rich for me!


Gary, Don't Miss It: "It's a Wonderful Life" – Christmas Season 2014

As we enter 2015, I take this opportunity to slow things down, look back, and savor all that was in life for Pat and me during this busy Christmas season of 2014. … In some ways, it feels like it marks a new chapter in our life together as we enter 2015.


Showing Up at the Dance of Life

We are nearly overwhelmed by the pace of this past month. It seems we have been dancing with Spirit and now are invited to dance with each other and with all who get involved in this program …


My Faith vs. my faith

Kolakowski suggests that: “Faith is a function of an attitude. Anyone who sees signs of God’s presence in life admits that faith precedes his acts of reading these signs, not the other way around.”


Ezekiel Emanuel: "Why I Hope to Die at 75"

Today, October 15, 2014, I turn 72, just three years shy of 75. So it seems appropriate to comment on the points Emanuel brings up in Why I Hope To Die at 75.




Gary Vollbracht