Pathwork Lectures

My love for the lectures has led me to create several modes of the lectures that I include as free offerings in this section of my website:

  1. Audio Recordings: Between 2006 and 2012 I recorded my Audio Readings of the 258 lectures.
  2. Devotional Format: Since 2014 I have been led to create what I call the Devotional Format of the Lectures. My intent is to complete this project by 2021, and as I complete them I shall make them available for free as described.
  3. Topical Quotes: Over 200 Quotes from the Lectures are included — this helps people focus on a particular topic of interest.
  4. Presentations: Down through my years of teaching Pathwork lectures I have created 25 or so presentations on specific lectures.
  5. Dropbox access: I make all of these materials available not only by links on this site but also via Dropbox. The presentations are given in their original Word or PowerPoint format as well as in PDF files. Topics in the Presentation section of the dropbox are divided into presentations on 1) What Is Pathwork?, 2) Specific Lecture Teachings, 3) More general teachings, and 4) Organizational/Leadership Considerations.