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This blog contains reflections from my journal. I am always interested in where others are in their lives in these matters of the soul, so if you are moved to share, please do so. Simply go to the Contact page, or leave a comment at the end of any of my entries. Meanwhile, blessings on your journey.

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Gospel of Peace and Freedom vs. Gospel of Fear and Bondage

… this morning in meditation I was given a powerful download from Spirit that brought me to a place of deep peace. This I want to share.


"Captivated by the Mystery of Christ" or "Christ Wrestler"?

“So Gary, I know what you are not (i.e., you are not a Christian Fundamentalist) when you say you are a Christian, but what are you, then, when you say you are a Christian?


Thank You Ross Douthat – Part 2

I thought about editing what I had written in the previous blog entry (Thank You Ross Douthat), but decided instead to simply create a sequel.


Thank You Ross Douthat – Part 1

“Yikes! Is Pathwork, the path that has served me so well, nothing more than ‘expressive individualism,’ which Douthat through Bellah and episodes in “Girls” shows not only not to be a source of happiness but at times even a source of agony?”


Freedom to Have Faith; Pathwork's Perspective of Fundamentalist Christianity

In this blog entry I supply two Pathwork sources that have been helpful to me in my spiritual formation


Hypostatic Union

I am not sure why I have been drawn to this seemingly technical and esoteric spiritual topic, but for whatever reason it doesn’t seem to want to leave me until I write it down. If you are in any way drawn to such matters you are invited to read on and explore with me.


Claiming Self-Responsibility in My Adult Christian Faith

This outside authority is melting away as I, now nearly 72, step into my adult Christian faith.


The Need for "Heresy"

After posting my piece on Am I a Christian? I found myself uneasy. Am I now a heretic? Is being a heretic a problem for me?


Am I a Christian?

So finally I decide to look in the mirror and simply, but also boldly, ask myself, “Gary, are you a Christian?”


The Habit of Adding Insult to Injury

I see you as the courageous one doing deep work, all the time applauded by our counselors, and I feel like the retard in our relationship.