General Support Presentations

Evolving Musings on Consciousness

This 2/27/22 version of my evolving understanding of consciousness integrates the ideas of Cynthia Bourgeault and Jean Gebser.  This is a work in progress…

Spiritual Steppingstones

This practice is usually part of a journaling workshop, but can be insightful doing it on its own. Included here is a description of the process and an example.

Stages of Consciousness — a Ken Wilber Group Presentation

On August 6, 2008, I made this presentation on stages of consciousness. It was not intended as a presentation but rather as a basis for discussion.

Evil and the “Fall,” a Pathwork Perspective

This is a presentation I gave in 2008  to a local Ken Wilber group to which I belonged for several years. The presentation attempts to integrate some of the Pathwork concepts on evil with Wilber/Beck’s Spiral Dynamics. A bit heady. (11/5/2008)