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This blog contains reflections from my journal. I am always interested in where others are in their lives in these matters of the soul, so if you are moved to share, please do so. Simply go to the Contact page, or leave a comment at the end of any of my entries. Meanwhile, blessings on your journey.

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Depth vs. Breadth

In working so much with the Pathwork Lectures I realize that so often I skip through the words of wisdom rather than stop, sit with, and reflect upon these words in relationship to my life experiences. I am reminded of a story of two researchers given the task to understand the rivers of the world.


The Evolution of God

Three thoughts floated up in me. First, during my lifetime my consciousness and experience of God has continuously evolved. So from my observer self I experience God as evolving, when in fact it is simply my awareness of God that is evolving.


Between Gods

It’s 3:00 AM and I awake with an awareness about God that seems to apply just now. It bubbles up as if out of a dream and feels important. What I notice in my recent wrestlings about the roles of Jesus Christ and God in my life, my so-called personal relationship with Jesus Christ, is that my external relationships with God or Jesus Christ of younger times, built on the dualistic level of consciousness that separates, have disappeared and the internal relationship with God, or Source, or The One that includes me as part of the All, the experience of What Is from the unitive state of consciousness, has not yet landed for me. I seem to be between “Gods.”


Easter Reflections

Pat and I shared my Easter experience summarized in my previous blog entry with an enthusiastic newly-born Christian in his thirties. He was thrilled at our focus on a personal relationship with Christ – “YES, that is what Christianity is all about,” he exhorted enthusiastically, “a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.”


Easter Sunday

Four days ago, while talking with Darlene, a seasoned Pathwork Helper friend in our Sevenoaks Pathwork Helper community, she mentioned the Pathwork Lecture study class she has been conducting over the phone. She has been using the early lectures: 3, 5, 7, and 9, the ones that lay out the early foundation of Pathowork.