Pathwork Community Development

For a few years I was involved in leadership in the Mid-Atlantic Pathwork and created material for various community activities that I share below:

A Path for Mutuality — Framework for Protocol of Resolution of Differences — 2021

Based on Pathwork Lecture 185-Mutuality: A Cosmic Principle and Law, I created this diagram to frame the Mid Atlantic Pathwork/Sevenoaks Protocol of Resolution of Differences.

A Vision for Mid-Atlantic Pathwork — 2013

This was written over the Christmas holidays of 2012 and is based upon interactions with fellow members of the Mid-Atlantic Pathwork Council and my understanding of the wisdom of the Pathwork Lectures. It is a work-in-progress.

Pathwork Program Framework — A Vision for Mid-Atlantic Pathwork: A Discussion Document

This presentation, created in August 2012, is a vision for Mid-Atlantic Pathwork. It integrates regional and centralized programs, the beginning and advanced programs and provides seven keys for a successful program. It also creates a context for a new Graduate Pathwork Program for Pathwork Transformation Program graduates, including helpers. It is intended to be a document for stimulating conversation and engagement and as such is a work in progress.  Comments welcomed. 

Pathworkers Together

This short presentation is a white paper created as a basis for  discussion concerning how Pathworkers are together in three venues: Community, Growth Groups, and Service Teams.  6/15/09

Healing Fragmentation

Fragmentation is a challenge facing our Pathwork Community.  I had a supervision session with Michael Roblee to help me work with our community in this matter and summarized Michael’s and my own thoughts in this brief presentation.  7/8/09