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How to Use the Lectures

How To Use the Pathwork Lectures

There are many ways to work with the Pathwork Lectures. Here are some suggestions (click on the title to open)…

Growing through the Pathwork Lectures

This presentation describes several ways of working with the Pathwork Lectures. This includes the importance of being clear about the life-issue you are confronting just now (perhaps from the Pathwork practice of Daily Review), ways of using the audio, joining or forming lecture study groups, finding a Pathwork Buddy, etc. The key in all cases is to apply the material to everyday life rather than to make the material into dogma concepts to understand and teach. There is nothing wrong with the latter, but this is not the power of the lecture material applied to the here and now of one’s life.

Praying with the Pathwork Lectures (Lectio Divina)

This is a practice that systematically integrates a devotional reading of the Pathwork lectures into a daily practice that is often used with Bible verses. It is subtitled “Praying with the Pathwork Lectures.” Perhaps this is a way to put into practice with the Pathwork Lectures how Bonhoeffer read and applied the Bible.

Note: for an mp3 file of 4 bell sounds separated by 5 minutes of silence for this practice click here

Comparison to Devotionally Reading the Bible

Dietrich Bonhoeffer, a German Lutheran theologian who stood for the truth in Nazi Germany and because of his strong opposition to Hitler was executed just days before the end of World War 2, used the Bible as his guide to his everyday life. I was inspired by his practical approach that meant the Bible truths leading to actions, not just beliefs or understanding without actions following in one’s life. Up until 25 years ago that is the way I used the Bible. Today I find that this is the way I use the Pathwork.

This does not make study and formulations of Pathwork concepts and teaching said concepts wrong, but rather establishes that the real power of the Pathwork teachings is in their application to daily problems, perhaps sentence by sentence. So it is a BOTH/AND, not just learning and teaching concepts OR reading deeply and applying a few sentences at a time, but rather doing both of these practices.

More of Bonhoeffer on Reading and Teaching the Bible

This quote spells out more of how Bonhoeffer read and applied the Bible for personal growth, and how he taught seminarians how to read the Bible. I find more comparisons to how I read and apply the Pathwork Lectures.


Gary Vollbracht