Hypostatic Union for All Revisited

Pat and I had another inspiring Coffee Time on Wednesday, May 13. It went on for nearly three hours and covered many topics. I wish I could write several blogs on what arose, but, alas, that is not possible. I limit myself to this one entry. (For whatever reason I am glad we record all of these coffee times.)

We were talking about our Divine Essence, God within. This seems like the Life Force that lives the acorn and enlivens it to grow into a massive oak tree. So the Divine lives within us, and as a kernel of Divine Essence, it manifests in many dimensions through our embodiment as unique human beings.

This reminded me of a few paragraphs from Marcus Borg’s The Heart of Christianity where, in Chapter 4 God, the Heart of Reality, he has a section titled Two Concepts of God. In our coffee time I read these paragraphs to Pat. In them Borg distinguishes  two concepts of God – one, from the earlier paradigm that includes Christian Fundamentalism, is Supernatural Theism where God “out there” relates to Creation as a separate entity.  The other, from Progressive Christianity, is  Panentheism where God is the Cosmos and “more than the Cosmos.”

I see Panentheism being closely related to what I have called the Hypostatic Union For ALL (Blog 1)(Blog 2)(Blog 3) (not hypostatic union just for Jesus Christ, who modeled this for us, the orthodox doctrine concerning the Divine/Human Nature of Jesus Christ of most conservative Christian churches).

I feel God within my embodiment when I am feeling so alive within (enthusiasm — also originating from God-within) – as happens in Pat’s and my morning time, in our meditation time, in time spent with the Pathwork Lectures, in times writing these blog entries, and in many other times during each day. I see my response to this aliveness within, my YES!, as responding to God’s Call from within, much as an acorn experiences the Life Force that enlivens it to grow into the oak tree.

I just needed to share this tidbit and reference this link to Borg’s words describing panentheism.

Shared in love, Gary