General Pathwork Materials

Other Material Related to Pathwork

Below are a number of presentations I created that relate to Pathwork and the Spiritual Path in General

What is Pathwork? — A One-Page Flyer

This one-page summary is useful as a handout or turning into a poster.

What Is Pathwork?

This presentation was given at Member’s Weekend at Sevenoaks Pathwork Center on July 11, 2009.  It gives an overview of Pathwork’s aim and purpose as a very practical spiritual path for overcoming life’s problems and finding true fulfillment and happiness.  It also gives an outline of the components of the Pathwork as a life practice, including the Pathwork Transformation Program.

Soul’s Journey Chart

Depiction of Pathwork’s Soul’s Journey Chart — developed by Moira Shaw (presented by Erena Bramos)


This is a handy chart to illustrate how that which wants to manifest through our Divine Nature (Higher Selves) — Power (Drawn to Create), Love (Drawn to Connect), and Serenity (Drawn to Truth) in service to the Whole — gets distorted (manifesting as Self-Will, Fear, and Pride) when used in service to the separated ego. Because these Lower Self qualities don’t fit well in the world we become cultured and “nice” by putting on our Mask Self — the Pretense of our Divine Nature (Power Mask, Love Mask, and Serenity Mask). (Note that there are two versions of this chart — the second works better as a readable handout.)

The 50-50 Work© of Moira Shaw

This short presentation is a depiction of the Moira Shaw, The 50-50 Work© core idea that was created after Eva’s death in 1979. It includes examples. (Also expanded in Lecture 165 ¶32-38 above)

Pathwork Commitment/Blessing Ritual

This is a Pathwork Ritual for ending events needing a commitment from people for their personal growth as well as for their service to a purpose greater than themselves.  It has been used at a helper retreat at Sevenoaks. (5/30/11)