The Evolution of God

Rue Anemone

Rue Anemone

Three thoughts floated up in me. First, during my lifetime my consciousness and experience of God has continuously evolved. So from my observer self I experience God as evolving, when in fact it is simply my awareness of God that is evolving. As I have shared earlier, this evolution of my awareness of God has included desert spaces of atheism.

The second thought comes from a unitive vs. dualistic consciousness. God is the Oneness, the Source of All, the All. Hence I am in some mysterious way, beyond my intellectual comprehension and understanding, one with the Oneness of God. From this perspective, since I am intrinsically connected to God and in some way and on some level one with God, that is, I am part of the Oneness of God, then as I evolve in my own awareness and consciousness, in some way God, in God’s Oneness with me, evolves as I evolve.

The third thought addresses evolution itself in the sense that evolution, from a dualistic consciousness, implies growth in or over time. Who I am today is different from who I was yesterday and from who I shall be tomorrow. But from a unitive state of consciousness there is neither time nor I.

I feel open to this awareness emerging from the Mystery as I stand on the bridge between my human dualistic consciousness and the Unitive consciousness of the One.