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This blog contains reflections from my journal. I am always interested in where others are in their lives in these matters of the soul, so if you are moved to share, please do so. Simply go to the Contact page, or leave a comment at the end of any of my entries. Meanwhile, blessings on your journey.

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Insights That Violate, Compassion That Connects

Pat said that at that moment when I made my “helpful” insightful comment she suddenly felt like a scared rabbit hiding in the back of its cage. She was frightened and withdrew.


My Community: A Rich Group of Groups

No doubt about it, I love groups. If groups don’t exist, I create them. But I am quite focused here: all of the groups that have mattered to me have been spiritually-oriented deep-sharing groups


A Jesus Christ Series — Part 14: Seeing With the Eyes of Christ

Helper Session Transcript — “I notice that I have been exploring my relationship with Jesus Christ when in fact I am trapped in materialism and deny even the existence of the spiritual non-material world itself!”


A Jesus Christ Series – Part 13: My Unexpected Resonance with Adyashanti

In reflection I also see the perfection of my journey and how it has been and continues to be my job in this incarnation to slug my way through my relationship with Jesus Christ.


A Jesus Christ Series – Part 12: Who is Jesus Christ to Me

“Gary, so what are some of your opinions about Jesus Christ, who was he, and, if he exists for you now, who is he now, and what does this all mean to you?”


Perspective: A Morning with Pat, Pathwork, and the New York Times

This week we have been most aware that there are no “To Do” lists to which we can retreat in order to hide from the anxiety of an at-times seemingly meaningless existence.


Searching for Who I Am, Searching for Love

After our most recent writing group two months ago you asked whether or not I could say anything positive about who I am and then went on to suggest this topic as our theme for today’s writing and sharing.


A Jesus Christ Series – Part 11: Taking Up the Christed Sword

A Helper Session with Brian O’Donnell – 10/21/2013


A Jesus Christ Series – Part 10: Being the Christ

I see how much fear comes up as I step out of these external identities and into the void where there are no structures.


Finding Joy and Inspiration by Marinating in the Pathwork Lectures

And, though I have read these lectures before, they are going into me, into my heart and mind, on an entirely new level.Through spending time marinating in these lectures, I am left stunned, amazed, challenged, inspired, grateful, and engaged with life.