Finding Joy and Inspiration by Marinating in the Pathwork Lectures

For the past week or two I have been captivated by several Pathwork Lectures. Their words come alive in my Soul like seeds bursting forth. And, though I have read these lectures before, they are going into me, into my heart and mind, on an entirely new level. Through spending time marinating in these lectures, I am left stunned, amazed, challenged, inspired, grateful, and engaged with life.

In particular, I have expanded and interpreted two of the lectures. In this “expanding/interpreting” process I have spread out the formatting so I can pause on each word or phrase. I also added a few interpretive comments in brackets that seem to help me understand the meaning – but I encourage other readers to add their own interpretations. Finally, I have added a Topical Table of Contents to each of the lectures so I can find material more easily later on. It takes me well over a day to do a single lecture in this expanded format (actually I’m not sure about this because the time just flies by as I engage with the Guide while doing this). The joy and satisfaction I get from this work makes the time and effort seem like nothing.

Below are links to the two lectures I have done the past week or two. I encourage you to open them and to try spending time, perhaps a week, slowly pondering what the Guide is transmitting in these writings.

Pathwork Lecture 88 Religion: True and False. I am not sure why I was drawn to this lecture, but, as I mentioned in a previous blog entry on Jesus Christ, something drew me, and I was quite rewarded and blessed by spending time with the Guide in this lecture.

Pathwork Lecture 202 Psychic Interaction of Negativity. This lecture was recommended to Pat and me by our Pathwork Couple’s Counselor Sage Walker – and Pat and I are spending time with it, letting it sink in.  This has been very helpful as we explore our negativity and negative intentionality that inevitably manifest in our relationship. Challenging, but oh so rich.

Shared in love, Gary