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A Shared Life of Wrestling, Growth, and Discovery

A Pathworker’s Blog

Anxious, Human, and Happy

Fifteen years ago or so I had a session with a psychotherapist who, after having worked with me for a number of months, gave me her final diagnosis, “Gary you have Anxiety Not Otherwise Specified.” She added, “For insurance purposes we have a diagnostic code for that disease, and plenty of drugs to prescribe!” Whoa!…

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Lessons From The School of Life — a View From Age 75

Note: This is the second writing – the “four-page” version of what I wrote but chose not to share in the August 25th meeting of my writing group. The first writing that I did share with the writing group on August 25th was posted earlier and should be read first to have the context for…

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A Mini Life-Lesson

A writing piece for my August 25th Writing Group…Topic: Lessons from the School of Life It’s been an intense couple of months in the School of Life for Pat and me. So much is changing, and so quickly. Being open to bigger and faster changes has in itself been one of the key lessons from…

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A Twenty-Year Vacation — The Art of Wandering

…yes, I’m familiar with the sweatshirt that reads, “All who wander are not lost!” But that did not apply to me in April of 1997! This wanderer, unknowingly, was quite lost in his life, something he would not even begin to realize until he was well into his vacation (i.e., retirement) journey

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On Being Happy

So I next ask, “What is the source of my happiness?” I notice that I am happiest when I am “Engaging the Transcendent,”

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Change, As the Fog Lifts

So I asked, “Should I take you to the ER?” “No, I don’t think I could make it.” A moment later I asked, “Then should I call 911?” Her “no response” answer said YES. And I did.

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Just Where Are We "Going" on our Spiritual Path?

I had several helpful/clarifying/confusing responses to my previous blog, Those “Amazingly Modern” Pathwork Lectures. I add “confusing” to “helpful/clarifying” just to confess my own naiveté and limited experience with the subject matter. (Let’s explore!)

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Those "Amazingly Modern" Pathwork Lectures

…my amazement of, thrill with, and my deep appreciation for this Pathwork material grows daily. Yes, daily, now as I work nearly every day as the “Happy Philosopher Monk” in creating the Devotional Format of the Pathwork Lectures.

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Gary Vollbracht