Called to Leadership?

Coffee Time – Wednesday

I shared with Pat that I noticed that I was full of energy and inspiration this morning. I had had a very full and satisfying day yesterday – Board meeting where I could do my part of working budgets, describing Pathwork Council matters, and injecting a bit of my enthusiasm, which another Board Member recognized and saw as contagious – inspiring even. Then a few other phone engagements, including an Executive Committee call and Faculty call.

But this morning what is so alive in me is to go forward with a graduate program led by Erena, a helper in our community and our Director of Training. The past weekend with her was inspiring for me and for others in our 12-person configuration of veteran Pathworkers. A participant from another region commented that we were lucky to have such an inspiring, deeply-rooted, Pathwork resource in our community. Launched off of that comment and my own sense of things, I envision a grand graduate program next year under Erena’s direction.

I plan to speak to Erena today and suggest that she consider packaging all that is alive in her and make it a Gift to the Planet – giving the planet what it so needs and is so hungry for, consciously or unconsciously.  I want her to have the full reins of this program, giving it her best. And at a graduate Pathwork level – for those who have completed the Pathwork Transformation Program. Perhaps I could dare to dream of assisting her, though this is not at all central in my vision. In any case her job is to give her best in teaching, and my job is to get 25 participants!

As I feel all this aliveness in me I sense that perhaps part of my Call may be to Inspire, that is, to Lead by encouragement to others. By supporting them in their respective missions and dreams. In this leadership style I become less as others become more. Seems to fit me (when I can be aware of how my Pride interferes with this style and pulls me into forcing my agendas — which happens more often than I would like!).

But I have some sadness in this. What does it mean to my other obligations, especially to my kids and grandkids. I realize that this may mean that I cut them loose a bit more, letting them live their own lives. Yes, I want to inspire and encourage them as well – to encourage them to be all that they can be. But they are deep into their period of individuation and have to find their own ways in life. I am available. I want to encourage and support them, yes, love them. But they must be free to live their own lives, becoming fully who they are! Am I rationalizing here? Perhaps, but it feels to be a deeper truth as well.

Pat: I feel things changing. In a way we are in our prime of life – healthy and energized – a time where we have the opportunity to bring our Divine Rays of Wisdom, Love, Creativity, Power, Joy, and the like into this world. The next five years… I’m not sure why I say five and not ten, but who knows.

Pat: There is something special in both of us regarding our relationship as well.  You speak of a wholeness in our relationship – physical, emotional, intellectual, and spiritual Union. I, on the other hand, speak of what is here in our relationship is what I long for. So let’s not get trapped in things off our “transformation of relationship.” Let’s not let energy dissipate from what we see as our Prime Call in this Life – Growing through our relationship, the “Path within the Path.” And answering this Call of Relationship between us will “Knock our Socks Off!” So if we are given another five years, what is possible? Let’s take the ball and run with it!

Pat: And I realize that I’m the one who says, “Enough, enough!” But I also realize that when we are in the open, clear, surrendered place there is great vastness. And in this realization of vastness I want to step into the flow. And I realize that things irrelevant to our Call – your and my Call to Union – will fall away as we get into the boat of Life! So what comes up in you with all of this?

Gary: Excitement, a sense of clarity, a sense of “clouds lifting,” and enthusiasm. Pat: I can sense, feel, and taste all of this – when one is open to the Wisdom coming through one’s Essence – and is attuned to and intentional in response to that Wisdom – then, while living in the dualistic world of pattern, the capacity to step forth courageously is there to step into the stream of Wisdom. That invitation is in each person – and there is no reason for comparison. Let everyone enter the Stream of Life. Gary: Yes, yes. Even things as near and dear as our Journal Writing workshops may drop in priority as this year unfolds.


Per Pathwork Lecture 194 Meditation: Its Laws and Various Approaches — A Summary (Meditation as Positive Life Creation) (click to open relevant paragraphs) I realize it is important not to attach to the specifics in these matters – the specific details of the graduate program or Pat’s and my relationship – but rather to feel the feelings I long to have in these matters. Then relax in faith – the patience of the inner will vs. the forcing currents of the outer will, the outer will that is so committed to having to have certain specific expectations manifest for my longing for joy and happiness to be fulfillied.

Shared in Love, Gary