The Key To My Rebirthing: Accepting ALL of Me

My helper session with Moira was quite helpful yesterday. The topic: So what is my Call? How does Spirit want to flow and manifest through my being, bringing Life into the Cosmos? I get impatient, frustrated, and angry not knowing my Call. And part of me does not want or intend to know – in part, and only in part, because if I knew, that would take away my excuse of why I do not follow my true calling. The fact that I am not at peace in life would suggest that I am not following my calling. Another part of me is following my calling, but still another part of me is ashamed of my calling – assessing it to be worthless and trivial, and still another part is ashamed that I am not following it as vigorously as I ought. My oh my, what a mess. But a “beautiful” mess!

So what is the Truth of me? Here are some of the pieces…

1. I do not know my Calling.

2. I am impatient, frustrated, and angry not knowing my Calling

3. I do not want or intend to know my Calling

4. I have a NO to life, a negative intention not to follow my Calling

5. I long to follow my Calling.

6. I am not at peace in life.

7. I am following my Calling

8. I do not experience all the joy I could from following my Calling

9. I am ashamed of my Calling

10. I am ashamed that I am ashamed of my Calling

11. I am ashamed that I do not fully follow my Calling

12. I am confused

13. I am ashamed for feeling confused

14. I am complex with many pieces moving in different directions

15. I am ashamed that I am complex

Of course I could go on and on ad infinitum. But it is True that ALL of these pieces live in me. Now the Key: As I accept ALL of me – truly a radical self-acceptance – I experience a great expansion of consciousness, and an influx of Life and Joy. I give birth to ALL of me. I am “born again” in each moment of acceptance. I come to be in the Truth of me. From Truth great things can happen!

In giving birth to all parts of me I can work with them. Without moralizing, (or, rather, accepting moralizing when it shows up and not letting my moralizing piece stop me – rather being curious about the moralizing) I can be curious about these pieces, examine each of them, determine their origin, and do the work necessary to heal what is broken or distorted in each of them. This is the work of the Pathwork, the work of purification and returning home to God. But it all begins with fully accepting ALL of me, including the many pieces that do not accept ALL of me, those pieces that seek to hide these less-than-admirable pieces of me from the world and from myself.  ALL of me includes, yes, ALL of me. Ever expanding into such possibilities. This is Creation. This is my true Calling in Creation.

With love, Gary

PS – Rumi’s The Guest House certainly fits here (open)

PPS — And when looking at ALL of me, I’m always encourage by this quote from Pathwork Lecture #61 Questions and Answers, a quote I titled Welcoming the Blues (open)

PPPS – “Your Soul Is Rooting For You” – compliments of my daughter Nancy – Thank you, Nancy!