Fun and Joy at Playing the Puzzle Called Life

Coffee Time – Saturday Morning

Gary: As I work with my Daily Review, our Coffee Time, and writing my blog, I catch myself in a feeling of joy. It is like working on a puzzle – a complex puzzle – and then the joy in having pieces show up that just complete a part of the picture — the “Aha’s”. So this is my experience in working with the puzzle that is my Life – the experience of Joy! Pat: Puzzle – that’s a great image. I like the emotional energy around this image. Puzzles are fun, they are adventures.

Gary: Pathwork gives me clues to the puzzle that Life is. I have much energy for working the puzzle of Life. This is so True. My source of Fun and Joy is working the puzzle of Life. And you are very much a part of that puzzle! Pat: It is a gift to receive that image – an arising from your own psyche, not an image you received from the outside. Gary: Even this insight that life is a puzzle and that I find Joy in working with the puzzle is another piece to the puzzle in itself – and I can feel my joy from its arising. Similar to my finding puzzle pieces in the Pathwork Lectures or from other sources. I love learning – especially learning about the Mystery. Pat: You’ve always loved learning.

Gary: But this topic – Life – so captures my imagination, invigorates my creativity, and awakens my intuition – all which are facets of the life force that wants to burst forth in and from me! Pat: Amen!

Gary: So I seek that which supports this bursting forth – our Coffee Time, our relationship in all its dimensions, Pathwork, Journal writing, writing my blog, conversations with other seekers and friends. Pat: I feel a prayer arising: “May I seek that which supports my bursting forth!”   Gary: Amen!

Gary: Turning to your and my relationship, all the dimensions of our relationship bring up so much in me – some of it joyful, some of it scary, some of it frustrating, some of it wanting to control, some of it meanness in me – but these facets are ALL part of me. That Welcoming All Guests from Rumi’s Guest House truly plays out here.

Pat: Funny. Our living. There are transparent spiritual laws at play that we can’t see. If we say “construct” or “structure” these words are too rigid, too concrete. No these spiritual laws are transparent, fluid, full of wisdom, Truth and the like, dynamic. As I look out and size things up, I am enchanted – there is something solidly in place that we can count on, AND it’s of a transparent, fluid nature. It is fun, like these hidden-picture pictures you look at and suddenly a hidden three dimensional image snaps into place. Words like fun, joy, aliveness come to mind.

Gary: All of this is part of the Grand Puzzle – seeing, or rather, experiencing the seeing, is another piece falling into place. Experiencing how it helps expand and complete the picture. Takes your breath away. The puzzle is less of a puzzle at a higher level of consciousness, and we delight in the experience of this framing or contextualizing pieces of Life. Pat: We delight in swimming in the current of these higher frequency waters. There is a place in us that knows the joy of this experience of swimming in the higher frequencies. Gary: A place that is the HOME from whence we came. Here on the earth-plane we get tastes of this joy of living in the higher frequency spaces. AND we are going home to them.

Pat: The little ego’s self-cherishing is keeping an image of a separate self – all the ways we maintain this image of a separate self. Gary: When in fact we are a piece in the puzzle. When the puzzle is complete, the picture is complete and has nothing to do with the shapes of the individual puzzle pieces. At this higher level the picture is complete and the pieces have no individual meaning apart from the Whole.

Pat: Luminous Emptiness! This morning we are tracking the puzzle pieces back to this beginning, but at the deepest level what “it,” this beginning, is is described as luminous emptiness – referring to the book titled Luminous Emptiness: Understanding the Tibetan Book of the Dead, written by Francesca Fremantle on the teachings of Chögyan Trungpa Rinpoche. Pat read sections of this out loud (open to read these sections). These words were brilliant and inspiring to her.

Gary: You take in that brilliance and it enlivens you. AND that is what the Pathwork Lectures do for me. We are very different it seems in what most supports our working the puzzle of Life, and we can each honor that which supports Life in ourselves and in the other – each of us finding the key to our respective door to the inner Mystery. Pat: It gives us great joy and delight when the energies that arise in each of us, though enlivened from a different source, are recognized as one and the same – the One Mystery. Again looking at the four closing lines of the Luminous Emptiness quote. Knowing this is key – the fastest road to freedom. I am not other than you. It’s very helpful for me to contemplate that! The basis of all ignorance is that I am separate.

Love, Gary