A Shared Life of Wrestling, Growth, and Discovery

Program: Sacred Dimensions of the Pathwork

This annual program at Sevenoaks Retreat Center consists of four 3-day weekends (Thursday 8PM through Sunday 2PM). It has been created  for graduates of the Pathwork Transformation Program — and is very well suited for Pathwork teachers and helpers from any Pathwork Region who want to grow deeper in their Pathwork experience. While the way to gain the most from this program is to attend all four modules each year, participants are invited to attend any module that fits their interests and schedule.

2017-18 Program Theme: Quenching the Thirst for Wholeness

Through each and all 258 the Pathwork teachings invite us to remove all obstacles which stand in the way of allowing sacred presence to penetrate our consciousness and sustain us on the journey to aligning with awareness…the deepest Reality out of which flows all experience.

On our exploration of the most profound of these teachings we will together inquire into the nature of these obstacles and we will challenge ourselves to give all we have to the quenching of the thirst for the wholeness … the taste of Boundless Wisdom.


Module 1  Labor Day: Fri 9/1 – Mon 9/4/17

Module 2 Jan 11-14/2018

Module 3  April 12-15/2018

Module 4  June 7-10/2018

Module 2 — From Being Guided by Ego to Dancing in the Mystery

In this module we will be exploring the two distinct pulls which underlie most of our conscious experiences… the pull of the longing to be in oneness with the   Divine on the one hand and the pull of the demands of being an embodied entity on the other. .

Please join us for this exploration as we come together to question how we can surrender to the unavoidable reality that these two forces will always coexist as long as we are alive, and how, honoring the wisdom of both, we can come out of the struggle of seeking perfection to live our lives in forgiveness for our humanness.

To support us in this exploration we will work with the teachings in these Pathwork Lectures:

L 126 Contact with the Life Force

L 132 The Function of the Ego in Relationship to the Real Self

L 152 Connection Between the Ego and the Universal Power

L 199 The Meaning of the Ego and Its Transcendence

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Gary Vollbracht