Pathwork Lecture Support For My Leadership Transition

As I step down from leadership at Sevenoaks I still feel responsibility to support the people who stay in key responsibilities through this transition.  The next two months will be challenging, and, without any particular selection process, two Pathwork quotes arose to meet me and support me during the past few days as I listened to Pathwork Lecture 18 Free Will and Pathwork Lecture 37 Acceptance, Right and Wrong Way – Dignity in Humility. Here are the introductions to these quotes that I prepared for the “Pathwork Quotes” section of my website. (Click on the titles to open the quotes.)

Self-Will: Where We Need Less AND Where We Need More

In Pathwork circles we so often view “Self Will” solely as an aspect of the Lower Self, an aspect to be transformed; but this quote from Pathwork Lecture 18 Free Will talks about needing MORE Self Will – making a distinction, however, between Lower Self driven Will and Higher Self driven Will. It makes helpful distinctions between brain and soul, among higher self, lower self, and mask self both as to the content of what we think, choose, and will as well as the how of what we do. It distinguishes “Soul Faith” from “intellectual faith.” And finally the lecture notes the importance of coming to know ourselves, our motives, our limitations, and our power. We do this through a life-long process of spiritual development and purification.

Working Together As a Pathwork Leadership Team

This quote from Pathwork Lecture 37 Acceptance, Right and Wrong Way – Dignity in Humility is a request for patiently working through interpersonal problems that are inevitable in Pathwork groups and Pathwork leadership teams of any appreciable size. Reconciling or not reconciling will have a corresponding impact on the Universe, for better or for worse.  But, the lecture says, we must stay honest to our feelings so that the reconciliation is authentic – fake or pseudo reconciliation from the intellect alone in the end deepens separation among parties. No, reconciliation must come, rather, from the positive intention of the heart, from love.

Both of these quotes could be helpful study material for a Pathwork group of any kind. But for now they are helpful for me! I pray that I might take this material into my heart and Soul, and that I might marinate in it and mirror its lessons during this transition.

Shared in love, Gary