Passion, Not Product!



My juices flow when I am making my audio Pathwork CDs, making a Pathwork PowerPoint presentation, intensely engaging in one-to-one conversation on matters of Life and Spirit, teaching, and even developing this website and keeping this blog, including the the wildflower photos I so enjoy taking.  Then I noticed my sensitivity to how people responded, or did not respond, to my output, the product produced out of my passion.

When sharing my CD project with my Pathwork helper class a couple of years ago, I was disappointed that no one in the class really seemed to care about these CDs I was making, or certainly not as much as I enjoyed making them.  What was wrong with my CDs? It was as if I was at a show-and-tell in grade school, and no one responded to something I was really passionate about.  Then one person in the class said, “Gary, I may not related to the CDs you are making, but do I ever connect to you in your passion in making them!” That sunk in.  Connection with me is via my passion, not my product.

But too often I forget.  I am passionate about many things spiritual and psychological, about insights and new experiences.  Then when my enthusiasm is not shared, I am disappointed.

But is not the passion I feel in creating what I am working on enough satisfaction? Do I have to have my spirits dampened by those not on my page? Of course I am human and have needs for appreciation, but with this insight I honor my passion, I celebrate my enthusiasm, “God within manifesting through me.”

So what comes out of my enthusiasm is thrown out into the Universe, seeds scattered generously to the winds and landing wherever.  It matters not whether they sprout now, later, or ever.  The joy is in the creating and generously scattering.   May I remember this and savor my life force in its creating, scattering, and, when it happens, connecting with like-minded souls who share my passion!