Bringing Presence to My To-Do List

During meditation this morning there arose a curiosity about what the day would bring. This was in contrast to being caught up in what I would accomplish or want to accomplish in this day.  True, I have my computerized calendar with its running to-do list, but can I relate to this list differently?  Can I not define my being by what I check off my to-do list this day?  Of course it is a both-and, but can I be more aware of the arising in each moment?

Morning coffee with Pat, rich with conversation, though the specifics escape me.  Glad I do not have to write down everything into my journal during these times.  This morning I wrote down nothing at all, but still know it was a rich time.  Progress in Presence.

Snow.  Lots of snow, so I had to shovel our driveway so I could get to the gym.  There I could exercise while taking in Pathwork Lecture 133 Love Not  Commandment… With the snow, my calendar cleared off things involving going out for both today and tomorrow.

Working with my computer consultant on a new newsletter I hope to get out this week was a delight.  More presence in how this could look, including the decision to add the photo of an Ohio Spiderwort wildflower to one of the pages. He helped make this choice. I reviewed all this with Pat, and she reflected that my first newsletter was clear and simple — just wanting to see who was interested in what.

Got a 21-page response to questions I had posed to our founding Pathworkers at Sevenoaks. Very rich response. I was deeply touched by the care and Spirit that went into this response.  It seems to be something we can build from.  Will take some time to dive into it, but I’m encouraged and see that I thrill at the engagement.  Email exchange with my daughter in Iowa.  Good to hear how she spent Valentine’s Day and another snow day with her four boys.

Decided to set up a conference call for our MAP Helper community.  Felt good to reopen this channel of communication, even if only a few of us can be on this first call of 2010.  Interesting paper from a Pathworker who serves China business people. A beautiful stroganoff dinner of leftovers from Valentine’s Day dinner, and again at our dining room table by candlelight.  Pat and I delighted in this time together.

Initiated a phone call with a Pathwork Helper from California.  Great conversation on how we work with the challenges in our respective regions, punctuated with statements about how much we love this work.  Arranged to do this again.

Now relaxing with Pat, snow continues.  A very satisfying day.  Rich in its variety and depth.