May We Entertain the Mystery!

Coffee Time-Monday: May We Entertain the Mystery!

After an hour or so into our coffee time together during which time we discussed, among other topics, the various spiritual traditions and how to some we relate and to others we do not relate, we focused more on our own respective journeys and how our lives work together in our relationship.

Pat: My life is about finding my way to my Real Self. Life wants engagement in my own being – not through others’ structures or opinions – former relationships, the Catholic Church, or even AIP. Gary: With us, the two of us together, our differences are OK, even necessary for true engagement and vitality.

I love Pathwork Lecture 80 – Cooperation, Communication, Union. It speaks to how we need to be fully ourselves, our True Selves, our Divine Selves – manifesting rays of our Divine Essence that are at once unique and yet Universal: LOVE, CREATIVITY, WISDOM, JOY, COMPASSION. From here, healthy love relationships emerge organically. Pat: Full of spaciousness, fluidity, vitality, and movement. Gary: As Pathwork would say, Truth is Change, Life is Change. Life is Living – no fixed state to achieve other than the state of living. Our path is one of individuating from all fixed structures – even Pathwork, the Guide would say – into Freedom. Freedom is our Calling.

We see stuckness around us and in us, but we do not judge stuckness – our ourselves or in anyone else. Stuckness from time to time is part of the human condition, part of what we are to deal with in our growth. You with AIP, I with Pathwork – we come to the jump-off point of being our own being. We do not know what “practices” will emerge to nurture us more fully toward this jump-off point, nor what will sustain us after we jump. I sense our relationship will be key to this jumping off place, jumping off into the Mystery.

Pat: There are some things I can know: I live in duality, I have obscurations, and I will die form this life. There is no ONE WAY – I am invited to find the way that brings me to life, that brings me home to God. Gary: Awakening into freedom, undefended against what IS. Awakening of our God-self.

Pathwork speaks about the Fall and how at the Fall all the beings that did not participate in the Fall put themselves in service to the Plan of Salvation and will continue to do so until the Plan of Salvation is complete and we have all, of our own free will, come back to God. Each divine entity has specialized rays. Growth means the development from our few starting rays to possessing all rays. This growth of developing all rays was arrested at the Fall. But when the Plan of Salvation is complete we shall all move toward the expansion from our own rays to all rays.

Pat: How do I entertain the Mystery? I say “entertain” the Mystery rather than “engage” the Mystery. “Entertain” is more playful – more like the paths of the Native Americans, Africans, Pentecostals, or the Aborigines. We Westerners are more serious and less playful. We Westerners take this spirituality very seriously – we engage, wrestle if your please. Gary: Yes, I am a wrestler!  And yes, may we entertain the Mystery that is Life! May we learn to Play the Game of Life!

Shared in love, Gary