Meditation – Saturday: Love

My doctors appointment yesterday came out fine – at least from how it could have come out. But the lessons in this week of uncertainty between the 4-hour ER visit last Friday night and the appointment yesterday brought blessings. Perhaps the greatest of these was the experience of love – love in me and love toward me. It was great to experience. A time to pause and experience these shifts in me.

Focusing Statement: Pathwork Lecture 80 Cooperation, Communication, and Union, ¶13

In the past, before you really penetrated the hidden regions and motivations of your soul forces, all these inner actions and reactions were unconscious.  At best, you were faintly aware that something like this was happening.  But now, as you continually progress on your path of self search, you have become much more aware.  If you combine this awareness with knowledge of the laws of communication and balance, you will gain even deeper insights.  They will guard you from drawing the wrong conclusion that your “love” is rejected and that, as a result, you are worth nothing.   You will understand that your childish, exaggerated craving has nothing to do with healthy love, and that the former is actually the reason for the unhealthy impact and subsequent rejection.

Isn’t it interesting that this lecture is dealing with love and is right where my life is just now?

I can see how my love has been childish and unhealthy in nearly all of my relationships, especially with women. My “love” has been exaggerated and forcing – selfishly trying to get my needs met. It was not true love at all. I have shame about this since so many women have been hurt by me. And there is much of this with Pat as well – it is so important for Pat and me to have our intensive with Sage and Anthony in July.

Coffee Time with Pat

Pat spoke of the pace of unfolding love in each of us. We are not there yet. She, too, senses she has hurt others with unhealthy love. Pat: To love so many I feel overwhelmed. This is humanly impossible. Gary: Yes, humanly impossible because of our distortions. We think love is something we have to do rather than is something that just IS. Loving another does not mean submitting to their demands or having to live with them! Simply see them for who they are. Again like the video Buck that we watched last night.  He so loved horses and could empathize with their wounding. And so for us with each other.

Pat then shared words from pages 57-59 of Tenzin Wangyal Rinpoche’s Healing with Form, Energy and Light. It dealt with the spirit world, negative entities, soul retrieval, and other interesting but someone esoteric topics. It sounded familiar and later I found similar writing in the Pathwork material. I found the parallels, while not perfect, close enough to be interesting. If you are interested you can compare the two: (open Tenzin Wangyal Rinpoche quote) (open Pathwork Lecture 15 quote)

Pat and I talked about the universality of paths. It is important for one to find a spiritual path that works for one and then commit to it for 10 to 20 years so that what it offers can be mined and applied to one’s life. Spiritual materialism is the approach of surveying all paths but never committing to one that could work for one’s transformation. As one of the Pathwork Lectures says, “If only 10% of a path is truth, that 10% can resonate with the soul and awaken one into life. On the other hand if 90% is true but it is not sincerely followed, it will not awaken one into life.

Shared in love, Gary