Learning from Facilitating a Pathwork Lecture Exploration

Last night Pat and I did our first Pathwork Lecture Exploration Group – subbing for Patricia Mahaffey in her Cincinnati 2nd Friday class.  Lots of up and down leading into it, but in the end it was fun – though I enjoyed this more than Pat did. She was not as sure as I was that it went “OK.”

But I learned a bunch – about the Lecture we were sharing (Pathwork Lecture 17: The Call – Daily Review), about Pathwork in general, and about facilitating of groups. Today I spent an hour or two revising the lesson plan I used last night. Why, since it was yesterday and the class was over? Just for the love of it on some level.  Let me share the revised version here.  Here is the title and introduction:

A Pathwork Group Spiritual Exploration   THEME: Where’s the Joy?

Isn’t Joy supposed to be the “beef” of life? So where’s the “beef”?  We’ll explore this as each of us contemplates his or her own joy, or lack thereof, and see how Pathwork Lecture 17 The Call – Daily Review helps us find the joy.(Click here to open the revised lesson plan.)

And in preparation I also found myself drawn to a quote from Pathwork Lecture #20 God: The Creation.  I titled it “We Each Have Life Tasks to Fulfill.” I introduced this quote as follows: This quote from Pathwork Lecture 20 God: The Creation states that each one of us has unique life tasks to fulfill, and that we shall not have peace until, with the help of God, we find what these tasks are. Often our Lower Self “un-godlike” aspects distort or block the way to knowing our task that our Higher Self is communicating to us. So the first steps to finding and fulfilling our tasks may be steps of purification and personal development so that we see more clearly the guidance coming to us from deep within. (Click here to open this quote).  I am so moved by these early lectures.

Shared in love, Gary