Joy Along the Journey

As I traveled my day yesterday I noticed my mood and its fluctuation.  Such joy in my exchanges with two Pathwork colleagues inspired me.  During the day we engaged on many levels in one case and in the other  felt the juice build as we worked on a Pathwork series we are planning to offer later this spring.  I was aware of my delight in these exchanges.

And then was the arising of a helpful insight.  I am working in our Pathwork community in areas with some amount of contention going on.  From one of the Pathwork lectures I have been recording these days, #172, I recalled a passage that reminded me that I have all the resources I need to effect positivity into my environment. After my immediate uplift by this notion, right behind it was my, “No!” A bit shocked, I realized that that behind my somewhat superficial goodwill for our community, I had a dualistic negative intent. I wanted some to be “right” and others to be “wrong.” And my mind was working overtime to build my case, mostly against those I perceived were “wrong.”

Just seeing my negative intent up close and personal was helpful, and later in another lecture, #174, I was reading about the choices I can make to work with this negative intent.  With awareness of my habitual negative intent in such community conflicts, I can choose to react differently to this conflictual situation if I want to.

What would reacting differently look like?   First it would mean opening up to all sides of the truth, to hold my own views and thoughts loosely, to find my deeper joy in my longing for harmony and emergence of creativity in our community, to give up my case-building, and to be a source and force of positivity into my environment and my community.

This attitude changes everything for me.  I no longer have to let the points of my case gel so that I can, with sharp pen in hand, point out the absurdity of “wrong” thinking in others.  I can look for places where I and others can be creative, different, and positive. A method involving dialog, not monologue.  This change in attitude too, brought joy to my day.  And we’ll see how it plays out over the next few days.

And of course the Pathwork lectures continued to inform and inspire my journey during the past few days as I work on my recording project. Their keys of truth certainly unlock the doors of my heart and soul.

With all of this I enter a new day, curious as to what will unfold.  And may your day be blessed as well.