Again, Why this Blog?

I am still wrestling with why this blog, but some interesting clarity, or possible clarity, has arisen over the past two days.

First was my writing group that met yesterday.  For ten years I have been part of a Cincinnati writing group, a group that gathers to write and share on some of the deeper issues of our lives.  A topic is assigned, and we all write on it from our own experience.  The topic for yesterday was, “Why I Write.” The sharing was precious as we compared notes so to speak.  My writing dealt with why I write my blog and included the history of my journaling over the past 30 years or so. Interesting insights.

Then this morning I experienced an enlivening Panera exchange with the local leader of the Diamond Approach spiritual path.  This engagement, as many of them are, was again so rich for me.  We discussed many topics, but one was how I was drawn to blog and drawn to record lectures.  My friend’s words guided me, “Stay faithful to what is alive in you.  That is your calling!” He went on to share that we cannot know the impact of what we do, and may never know.  But our job is to be faithful to our calling.

As we chatted away he noted that trying to do something with what is alive in us may kill it! If our ego gets involved and suddenly we are  concerned with marketing, selling, directing, systematizing, building or doing some other thing with what is alive in us we are likely to ruin it or kill it.  No.  Rather we are to fan, encourage, and follow what is alive in us. This is the effortless effort of following our call.

With this I can go on with what enlivens me without concern for who is impacted by it or how it is used.  Just be faithful! Trust what is alive in my soul.   I found much peace and encouragement from his words.