Coffee time — Thursday morning…

Pat: So how do you integrate experiences like breathwork — the experience you had Saturday with Regina and Andreas?

Gary: I think this happens in part in my blog writings. I am aware of what is arising, I reflect, and then insights just seem to float up and inform me. And they seem to enliven me and amaze me, fill me with joy. They also scare me at times. And it helps me to write them out as I experience these arisings. A kind of daily tracking or daily review. This is the pleasure I get from by blogging — like people who honor their dreams by writing them down, I enjoy writing down what happens in my life as it unfolds.

Pat: For me integration seems to happen at a deeper level than the mind. As I open to the experience of breathwork and open to the experience of life, for example meeting with people in the days following breathwork, I find I ponder all this much more, digesting life in a deeper way as it were.

Gary: This reminds me of Mary and the statement about her: “She pondered all these things in her heart.” This statement has always stayed with me as a guide for how to be in life.

Pat: Yes, that fits.

Gary: I’m reminded of the animal that has arisen in my SoulCollage work as my Companion Card for my heart Chakra — the giraffe. The giraffe having the largest heart of all mammals, and the heart being the organ of spiritual perception — big heart, long neck, long view. This integration process seems like spiritual perception, a shifting of attitudes, a growth in consciousness, a growth in love.

Pat: I am really different in being with people after breathwork — connecting in a deeper felt way. My mind doesn’t know what is going on, but I’m somehow taking people and life in differently. Maybe for me this integration is about energy and consciousness. Clarity about what happened to me in breathwork came this week as I interacted with others. Clarity about what I learned and knew from the breathwork session — so integration comes out of my subsequent living of life. I want to support this in me.

Gary: So the integration for you happens in a deeper knowing in living.  That is powerful.

Pat: Yes, I am living from a deeper place. Unlike you who enjoys writing it out in your blog, it comes to me in living — like authentic movement. Pondering and noticing in my living that I am somehow different — that’s how I come to know the change that is happening in me.

The closest words — from Almaas — that I can use to talk about this has to do with our human split from basic goodness — split from our Divine Essence that is us. Some of us from childhood maintain that sense of inner goodness and identity with Divine Essence. Some do not. Our awareness here, or lack thereof, sets up our life. So as I said in the sharing after the breathwork session, every cell in my body was affected, was opened. Every cell in my body had been closed and tight. But now opened. Profound.

Gary: Beautiful. Very beautiful. This reminds me of the Soul’s Journey chart that my helper Moira developed in her 50/50 understanding of the Pathwork. The Fall represents the split. Then we enter our incarnation and begin our journey back home, home to our Divine Essence and Oneness with the All, with God. I am enjoying listening to a 1992 recording of Moira’s husband Bert describing the evolution of 50/50 and his own experience of using this chart as a guide for his life and for working as a Pathwork helper with workers. All a blessing.  All Grace.

With love…