Feeling At Ease this day

At one moment during coffee time on our deck this Wednesday morning Pat looked at me, sort of sprawled out in my chair, and said, “Look how you are so ‘at ease’ this morning.” And she was right. I was at ease. I was in the flow of life it seemed.

Tuesday had been an “Oh so wonderful day,” an expression we have come to use to describe “good” days. Tuesday began with coffee time with my brother Paul at Panera Bread. For nearly two hours we discussed the familiar topics of his and my Tuesday mornings — our respective experiences in our spiritual/religious lives. He was discussing his Easter experience at his church as well as a conversation he had had later on Easter Sunday with his daughter, now Catholic, about Pathwork channeling — she suggesting that this channeling was an accepted experience in the Catholic church.  We both found this new information and interesting.

After time with Paul, I returned home and made two blog entries — noticing how much energy comes up in me during these musings. Then I spent time finishing my recording of Pathwork Lecture #6, celebrating the lecture’s words on the differences between Ego and Individuality — and I copied that into my Guide Quotes.

And then this morning, sitting on the deck with Pat, I went back to my journal entries from Monday’s coffee time and noticed Pat’s comment to me regarding all I get into. On Monday she had asked, “In all of this are you aligned with the Divine? You seem to mull things over and wait for wisdom to come. Within you you bring to bear wisdom. And you do that consciously.”  This reflection felt true to me. I do hold a vision for Pathwork and the Pathwork organization. Then I allow myself to get annoyed when others in leadership seem to pull me and us away from that vision.

On Monday Pat had invited me to acknowledge my lower self aspects that come to play in my annoyance, and yet she also invited me at the same time to stay focused on what feels to be right direction or vision for the organization and its priorities. “Say to yourself, ‘I am an instrument of the Wisdom, may I assert positive aggression, may I be faithful to my calling and vision.'” Helpful, and I recalled input from a senior helper a day or two earlier, “Gary, follow your heart, and know your limits.” All of this feels right.

Yesterday also saw some conflicts in the financial arena — I am not on the same page as others on our Finance Committee team. I could be aware of my annoyance here, and yet not react. But it will be a challenge for me as we go forward in our critical budgeting process next month.

Yes, I am feeling at ease this Wednesday morning. Feeling so alive, aligned, and loving.