Facing My Role in Disasters

Things have been hectic for me with a lot of Sevenoaks Pathwork organizational stuff going on in my life these past few weeks and months. As I work within our Sevenoaks community I sometimes feel my frustration rise, sometimes my rage striking out, and sometimes my sense of hopelessness.

Today I shall be part of a critical Sevenoaks Finance Committee meeting.  Just in preparing for this meeting I could feel my frustration, my not understanding behaviors of others, and my wanting to just scream.

For various reasons in the midst of all this personal chaos related to Sevenoaks, I found myself deciding to record Pathwork Lecture 12.  As I did, I was nearly moved to tears.  The lecture spoke to how I, in my attitude and behavior related to my involvement with others in leadership at Sevenoaks, was caught up in adding to the reservoir of spiritual negativity that manifests in all kinds of disasters, including those of a global proportion such as the wars around the world and even the Gulf Oil crisis. I was indeed humbled.  Here are the few introductory paragraphs that struck me.

So my prayer as I go into this day with its various meetings is that I can be an instrument of peace rather than an instrument of disharmony.  May we all be blessed.  May we all add to the reservoir of peace, not the reservoir of war and destruction.