Treasuring Human Companioning

Coffee Time — Wednesday Morning…

Gary (reflecting back Pat’s comments): So you are not sure of the role of the Intensive Journal process or the Journal group in your spiritual practices. Yes, spiritual and psychological inner work is very personal work with unique particularities, and at the same time work that cannot be done alone. But you are not clear about doing your inner work with the help of the Intensive Journal process or with our journaling group. For you, you are very aware that the dynamic of us, of you and me, of Gary and Pat — this is the spaciousness needed for your growth.

Pat: You put my words out there in a very different way from what I thought I said, but I guess it’s correct. I would not have said it in that configuration of words. For example you used “role.” I would have said “way” — a way to be with one’s inner life is the human companioning that we, you and I, are together. That is the way that most supports my life, where I’m most able to clarify, most able to explore — because our relationship is a dynamic. It is the dynamic I prefer over other ways, like the Intensive Journal. I can see how how the Intensive Journal is the way for Faye and others, but that is not my way, at least not my primary way.

Gary: Maybe we each come to our own way. My way in part is my blog writing, for example. On Tuesday I was able to pause and reflect on the “ease” that I was experiencing in going over to be with the Sevenoak’s Helper group this weekend. I could sense that this feeling of ease was new to me. I could just be with it in my blog writing. The writing helped me to integrate this experience of ease into my life. And certainly your and my time together where we share such experiences further supports integrating these experiences into my life.

Pat: You are not letting go of that precious experience of ease but in your blog you are taking time to express it, ponder it, treasure it and honor it. You let it resonate with your Soul, alowing all the cells of your body to become acquainted with this experience of “ease.” There is a whole lot of other stuff going on in your life, but this gift, this Grace as you say, is special, and your heart is opening in resonance with this sensation, this feeling of ease.

Gary: So well said!. This is about recognizing “Ease” in me, in my Essence, and savoring it.

Pat: The energy of “Ease” paid you a visit. Holy Shit! — Joy, delight, peace, bliss, goodness, compassion — these qualities all just flow out with the “Ease.”

Gary: Pausing with you in this takes my breath away!  Going back to my blog entry then, and now taking in your words of reflection with me, as I contemplate going over to Sevenoaks to be with the Helper Group I can see myself just enjoying my time with them. Enjoying being in their presence — not having my identity tied up with my role or how I am with them, how I am seeking approval from them for who I am, or resisting possible disapproval, or being preoccupied what we have to get done. Whew!  This level of “ease” is all new it seems. And comes and goes by Grace. Part of the Flow of Life.

Pat: Thanks for being my favorite companion. The feel of our companioning is so different from what I have been used to. I have this sense that  you and I, this IS IT! This is what I have been looking for, consciously and unconsciously.

We can learn in the morning over coffee and take that learning into our daily lives. And it is not just in the morning but the whole of our living life together. The configuration of the morning time is the school. … No that’s not quite right. But something about the way that this time together is — our intention in this time in the morning — to simply be together in this way.

Gary: [Silence — beyond words, just taking in and treasuring this companioning time with Pat. This, too, being new to me: coming to treasure Pat on ever deeper levels — levels of love I have not yet experienced it seems. Yes, coming to treasure human companioning with Pat as a tool of integration, but not wanting to be so clinical in this expression of, perhaps, love.]

Feeling gratitude…