Steering Our Little Boat, Receiving Help Along the Way

Coffee time sharing began with reviewing disharmonies in our respective lives. The weekend activities and my beginning my diet with two “eat-all-you-can-eat” “Fat days” over the weekend (yes, that is part of the diet!) had pulled us off our routine. Pat: I sense that the food impact – eating so much sugar, other carbohydrates and fats these past two days – affected our bodies and our moods and feelings, certainly contributing to our disharmonies – inner and outer. This weekend was real lesson tying food to our lives!  It’s as if our souls have called us to this special diet in order to get us into right relationship with food.

Gary: How interesting it is what we have called up this year in our lives. You initiated the diet and I hooked on. This is a big deal. Then I explored the Sage Walker/Anthony couple’s program that we are considering beginning in July. I sense this couple’s program will pull up a lot in me. Where I’ve been drifting along in my comfort zone in our relationship, this program will pull up everything. Pat: Weeeee… like the turtles in Finding Nemo entering the currents to Australia!

Gary: Well actually we do not know what the program with Sage and Anthony will be like, but it could be all that we want if WE really want it. It is not their responsibility to set the depth of the work – the depth will be worked out between them and us mutually – they are a resource for our work, but it is our work. I see that just having this all on the table of “coming attractions” for us becomes is a significant energetic backdrop for me even now, already affecting me on many levels. Pat: Yes, absolutely. And there is a link between the diet work and the Sage/Anthony couple’s work, these two processes that are here for us in 2012.

Pat: Our journey is about inhabiting our bodies (as Theresa Sapunar, my Authentic Movement teacher, would say). It would be great if in this lifetime we could inhabit these precious sacred bodies. Gary: Yes, becoming fully incarnated rather than only partially incarnated and at that even wanting to leave our bodies at times. This longing to be fully embodied is why I so enjoy watching male dancers who are so at home in their bodies, comfortably leading their female partners.

Pat: Notice as we bring attention to what we are eating – with a fixed regimen – we don’t have to think about what we are eating. We are on automatic pilot. But this automatic pilot mode so necessary at the beginning here is a long way from a “right relationship with food.” A right relationship with food will mean enjoying food, not following a rigidly restrictive diet. Rather, a healthy relationship with food means being able to savor the lusciousness of food and its relationship to our bodies – providing good wholesome food in quantities appropriate for our body’s functioning – coming to appreciate the preciousness of this wonderful human vessel! Gary: All of what you speak about regarding eating applies to our bodies in dancing and in sexual expression – not lustful gluttony, not rigid abstinence or rigid form, but a flowing life force from within our embodiment.

Pat: Again Theresa speaks of “Wisdom of the Body.” What if every movement would be authentic. The more awake one is, the more authentic one’s movements are. A lightness of the energy, the spontaneous arising – our capacity for movement in the moment. Gary: Again I notice how this gets set up in us – this lightness of energy is our Higher Self, our Divine Essence.  It is covered by the distorted Lower Self part of us, which in turn is covered by the Mask Self we put over it all – being so fearful that the Lower Self is all that we are. Tackling these energies with Sage and Anthony – well I am aware of the hugeness of this for me. Will I have the courage?  Pat: Doing this work is why we are here on the earth! It is helpful to know and remember this – that tackling all of this is why we are here on the earth.

Gary: The timing of our work with Sage and Anthony feels perfect. An introductory call later in February and then our intensive with them in July. Pat: Just the way the diet program has come to us – not the “harsh masculine.” Gary: Yes, not my “German WILL” running the show, urgently grasping still another new program and charging ahead. Rather this is all an unfolding – riding in our little boat on the rhythmic flowing waters of the Life Force.

Pat: These mornings are beyond conversations – they are more like explorations – they are full of light. Together we bring light to our dark places, our obscurations, our unconscious. We come to see clearer in a broader space – the invitation is broader than what we could imagine! We are clueless about what we are inviting in – this is the familiar “Expectancy without Expectations” approach to life. I have this felt-sense of the invitation to the greater. We are willing invitations. We are moving energy. It’s all energy! That’s what’s here: Luminous Emptiness coming into form.

Pat: As we talk in the morning we are in our bodies, but we are open to the formless coming in. Look at my body – my legs, arms outstretched – open to the lusciousness of the Life Force coming in. The Life Force inhabiting our bodies. We are an invitation to the Life Force coming in. Like Tantra: the Divine Masculine meeting the Divine Feminine.

Pat: I thank the Universe that I got into Authentic Movement – this is such an advantage for US. And also work with Andreas and Regina – including the Holotropic Breathwork. And AIP, and Pathwork – all that has come for our awakening. We are Grateful! Gary: And in that spirit, our diet program, work with Sage and Anthony, our Journal work with Faye, our special AIP and Pathwork counselors, and so many more folks who accompany us and help guide us – all gifts that our souls have manifested. Pat: May we have the courage, strength, understanding, and determination to become fully human! Gary: Amen!

A journey shared with love, Gary