Robbed of knowing

A morning meditation experience.  How am I experiencing God today? Now?  This meditation time is God’s time.  I enter the Mystery of God, of Life.

In this Mystery I check “knowing” in at the door.  When I am thereby robbed of knowing, or rather, come to awareness that Mystery is beyond my knowing, awareness that in Mystery I can’t know, I realize that all I can do is be. Just be.

I notice that this is a relief, this letting go of having to know to be safe and secure.  Somehow in letting go of knowing, or having to know, all that is left is Trust.  I do not have a Plan B.  Just Trust.  Just Be.  Just Breathe.  Just Float.

I notice this spaciousness is fluid, this Now is fluid.  There is no clinging to this Now, but rather I let this Now go and flow effortlessly into the next Now, and the next, and the next.

Perhaps I can bring curiosity to each of these Now moments.  Perhaps robbed of knowing, KNOWING happens.  Perhaps.