Purpose of Spiritual Development: Finding Harmony with Universal Laws

Wednesday Meditation: Harmony With Universal Laws

Many thoughts were arising in meditation. Initially these were thoughts related to the Sevenoaks budgets I shall review with the Finance Committee this afternoon. I have lots of energy for making this budget clear, systematic, and organized in a way that makes sense and that can be used for understanding our business and making decisions on goals, pricing, and so on.

Then memories arose from a Monday conference call when one of my group of three Pathwork buddies spontaneously began weeping to learn of tests I am to have on Friday – and my sitting in the profound unknown, the Mystery of it all. The tears were of sadness, yet she said they were beautiful tears because they came out of such deep love. This is the price of love – and it is worth the price. I was touched and felt my longing for these same depths of love feelings to arise in me. Why cannot I surrender to my deep feelings and ride their waves? Something pushes them down and I become blank, numb, and stone faced. But as I sit with what might come up as I visit the doctor tomorrow I get tastes of the heart-opening experience. I am curious about this and long for continued unfolding. I am scheduled to be with my two Pathwork buddies Jenny and Mary next week. I can just imagine bathing in the energy of this space we shall have together.  I imagine Jesus feeling the richness of his own love for his friends and how that would change near the end of his short life with them.

Then the bird songs penetrated my consciousness. This lovely time of sunrise on the deck with hundreds of birds greeting the morning with their songs touches me each morning I am out here. How precious.

Focusing Statement: Pathwork Lecture 80 Cooperation, Communication, and Union, ¶8

All universal laws tend to work freely when the human entity is in harmony with them.  However, if the human being is in disharmony with these laws, because of ignorance or lack of development, then the laws become broken, twisted, and distorted, and communication cannot take place.  Thus the path to ultimate union is blocked until the harmonious laws are restored within the entity.

This paragraph struck me. It states the importance of being in harmony with Universal Laws – and for this harmony to come about how I have to come out of ignorance through my commitment to my own personal and spiritual development.

And then thoughts related to Erena’s graduate program arose – thinking how wonderful it would be if our Pathwork Council and our faculty overall for that matter could sign up for this four-session program next year. How better, as a leadership group, could we come out of ignorance about all that is in us regarding ourselves and our work together? I could feel the positive enthusiasm on this idea, and just let the arising happen. These matters, added to the budget ideas, enliven me, inspire me, and fill me with enthusiasm.

But then my enthusiasm wanes. Is this vision for the helper community to grow together by joining in the graduate program true “Wisdom” from within? Though it feels like it is arising from deep within, I so easily back off. I can feel my fear for offering leadership. And pride also comes up. I go back to Lecture 203 on pride. How can I hold in humility and dignity my wisdom, and yet not be humiliated by those who resist nor prideful in overly pushing my ideas?  Praying for courage and wisdom.

Shared in love, Gary