Pathwork as a Distinct Spiritual Path

It is often challenging to describe Pathwork as a distinct spiritual path.  How does it differ from other spiritual paths? What is its seat at the table of spiritual paths?

I have been wrestling with this question for years of course, but especially over these past few days, and finding Pathwork Lecture 215 helpful in this regard. I copied much of this lecture into a Pathwork Quote on my website and added notes that helped me see what distinguishes Pathwork from other paths. It shows why this is a hard path, but on the other hand it establishes meaning for our lives on this earth.  Just why are we here? What is our “job” on this earth? What motivates us to take on this job? What is our destiny?  In some way all of these questions are addressed in this Pathwork Lecture. (click here to open this comprehensive quote)

Shared in love, Gary