Opening To the Mystery

Sundays are special for Pat and me in that we have adopted a ritual of sorts of picking up a copy of the Sunday edition of the New York Times, eating breakfast at one of our favorite nearby restaurants (National Exemplar housed in the Mariemont Inn), and adjourning to the warm and spacious lobby to sip our coffee and read the paper for a couple of hours. Frequently we are stimulated and stretched by articles contained therein. Two particularly interested me yesterday. I added them to my Quotes section of my website and link you to them here…

Mystery of Time and Constants of the Cosmos

The more we know the more we don’t know. This 5/5/13 NYT article by Alan Lightman, a novelist and physicist who teaches at M.I.T., critiques Time Reborn by Lee Smolin. I was drawn to Lightman’s own writing in this article and await his forthcoming book The Accidental Universe to be published in January 2014.

Kierkegard — Freedom of the Mind

This 5/5/13 NYT article commemorating the 200th birthday of Kierkegard led me to feel a resonance with his bold way of thinking outside the box about topics that excite me — religion, spirituality, etc.

Shared in love, Gary