Living in Freedom

Perhaps a living spirituality is living in freedom.  Freedom to be who we are, to think and express our thoughts, to feel and express our feelings and emotions, to sense and express our sensations in our bodies.  It begins with having this freedom with ourselves, not hiding from ourselves, and then having this freedom with others.  It means accepting our imperfections, our shortcomings, our faults, and also our greatness, our divine essence.  Just being in the TRUTH of our NOW, the truth of who we are, even if now our NOW is limited by our dualistic consciousness of either/or.

I am challenged to live in such freedom, with myself or with others.  My child consciousness wants to be greater than he is, beyond where he is. I want to be more mature than I am, emotionally, mentally, and especially spiritually. I demand that I know more than I know, feel more than I feel, and be right more often than I am.  While in seeing this dualistic consciousness I can laugh at myself, too often my behavior blocks real connection with myself and with others. Separation, of course, is the mark and goal of dualistic consciousness.

So this is my journey toward God, toward freedom, toward unitive consciousness.  May I wake up to freedom more each day.  May you as well.  May we all come to live in love and truth, our birthright and ever-present longing.