Living from Source

This morning I noticed a pattern in my meditation practice.  Often as I sit, insights and ideas bubble up.  They feel like inner wisdom from Source. And I have pen and paper at my side and jot these insights and ideas down as they float up.  I want to honor them and write them down, much as honoring a dream by writing it down.  I am energized by these arisings.

Then I noticed that I seemed to want to store these insights in my egoic mind bank where I could tap into them later when the situation to which they might apply arose.  So perhaps I was tapping into Source during meditation and other quiet times, but then later executing and living from ego, from memory.  This model of living by remembering insights, even making them rules, became central to my growth, to my living more fully and with some increasing awareness.

I wondered what would happen if I came to live directly from Source, that deep intuitive Knowing within, rather than tapping into Source from time to time, say in meditation, but living most of my life from ego as it remembered the rules, so to speak, all be it a more aware set of rules.

This cutting out the ego in my process of living would make living like meditating.  It would mean seeking and trusting the deep inner wisdom arising in each moment and letting this Wisdom of the moment guide me. Perhaps this living from the Source within would be following Scripture’s injunction to pray without ceasing.  Perhaps living directly from Source would be going with the organic flow of life, or would be trusting the Mystery and benign nature of the All that is.  Perhaps it would be living life as opposed to managing life by my ego’s book of rules, beliefs, and conclusions about life.

Perhaps meditation is meant to be a practice for tapping into Source for the purpose of expanding this meditative experience into living from Source 24/7, living in the Now all the time, as is popularly taught in our arising spiritual culture.