Living Beyond Worldviews

Seeing my THREEness (Enneagram type) and I(or E)NTJness (probable Myers-Briggs type) helps to explain my need for a context or worldview for living in order to have some level of peace, sense of purpose, and identity.  When my worldview has been pulled out from under me, which has has happened several times, maybe more times than I am aware of, over the past ten years, I would at first go into a tailspin before settling in to a new worldview.  And there are likely many more shifts in worldview in front of me as my consciousness deepens. So  now it seems I feel more comfortable rolling with the flow of emerging experiences and worldviews.

When a worldview has been missing, I tended to create my own rather than trust that of another. A good thing, provided it is not done out of rebellion. This new self-created worldview would give me a new framework for my THREEness in its need to achieve in some meaningful context.  Many contexts have evolved over my entire life.

Now I am moving more toward a worldview of Mystery and sense of unknowing. At first (ten years ago) this unknowingness was quite unsettling, but nowadays it seems both realistic and peaceful.  I no longer demand that I know and understand what is not possible for me, in my human condition, to know and understand. Things such as death, eternity, evil, life, consciousness, pain, love, truth, Jesus Christ, and the like.

This absence of a demand to know what I cannot know allows me to be more open to experience life and all these unknown pieces as they show up unencumbered by how I think they will or ought to show up. They (death, life, love, consciousness, Jesus Christ, etc.) do not have to show up in a preconceived way for me to feel safe.  In this moment I feel such freedom in this!

Today, in this moment, I am enjoying the peace of living in such a space, at least in this moment, before new experiences take me in new ways in this river of life.  Living one moment to the next, welcoming the richness of each experience, each experience recognized as richness or not.  That absence of recognition of richness, too, is an experience to be felt and lived through honestly.