Leading from Presence



In sitting with the idea of surrendered leadership from my previous post, I realized that surrendered leadership is in fact Leading from Presence.  Deep presence to the Truth of What Is, AND the Truth of What Is Evolving or becoming.

The truth of what is includes accepting the good and the bad, the beautiful and the ugly of what surrounds me in our mostly dualistic human consciousness. Can I see and accept, even welcome, what is real and true?

The truth of what is evolving likewise includes seeing what could be arising, the good and the bad, the beautiful and the ugly.  But rather than accepting this evolving future, I can make choices in the now that will influence what arises.  I can see that a current seed of blame can evolve into a tree of hatred and conflict.  I can see that a current seed of selfishness can evolve into a pervasive state of loneliness, bitterness, and cynicism.  But I can also see that a current seed of acceptance can evolve into a forest of connection, compassion, and love.  This brings me to self-responsibility.  What choices will I choose to make, hopefully from a higher state of consciousness than earlier in my life?

This idea of leading from Presence excites and inspires me.  And it can happen wherever I am, not just when I am in leadership roles.  In fact it mostly relates to self-responsible leadership in my own life!   May it be so, for my moment to moment choices affect so many others in my life, not just my own life.