Is Pathwork Worth It? Is Pathwork Working?

On Thursday a small writing group I have been part of for 12 years or so met. My writing, titled Inspired to Freedom (open), built on the experience of my relationship with the Pathwork Council and my anxiety over the Council meeting that morning mentioned in my previous blog entry. In Inspired to Freedom I was honest, laying out the ups and downs and the insights gained, even in one experience in one day.

After our group broke up I rode home with one of the members. She said she related lots to what I said, and then said, “Even with all your years of Pathwork you still struggle just like me. Is your Pathwork really worth it? Does it work?”

This was an interesting and appropriate question. At first my pride crept in, thinking that certainly with a dozen years of Pathwork I certainly would be farther along than my dear friend or others in the group. I smiled at my inner kid’s pride and arrogance and let it go.

What was the truth here? Is Pathwork working? And then the insight arose that it matters not where we are in our journey compared to others, or even compared to where we thought we were a few years back. The journey is a messy journey, a spiral journey with ups and downs. We do our work on the dark pieces in our being and suddenly moments of light appear, we know not where from. It is pointless to seek the Light, for it can appear only by our being present to what is true, and often that can be pretty dark and confusing. When the Light does come it will come “in a moment, in the twinkling of an eye.” And for but a brief moment. By being present to the dark, the real, we shall see the Light. Perhaps. Once in a while.

I recall one lecture even dealing with this matter of progress along the path. It is Pathwork Lecture 69 and has the teasing title, The Folly of Watching for Results While on the Path: Fulfillment or Suppression of the Valid Desire to be Loved. Yes folly to watch for results and progress while on the path. Secondly I was reminded of a short piece by Pierre Teilhard de Chardin titled Patient Trust in Ourselves and the Slow Work of God (open). Again, the title says it all – being patient along the Path.

It was a short conversation with my dear friend, but meaningful.  It was the right question to ponder in that moment. The answer? I guess we each have to decide for ourselves regarding the path we are taking in life.

With love,