In Love With LIFE

Ohio Spiderwort

Ohio Spiderwort

It is hard to contain the life force flowing through me in this moment. Feeling so alive! And where am I?  Not in the Sevenoaks meditation sanctuary.  Not in Nature, trees and wildlife surrounding me.  Not in a group of fellow Pathworkers.  Not in my usual delightful space on our screened-in deck of our “condo in the park” with Pat.  No, I am sitting in Panera Bread in Charlottesville, Virginia.   In an hour I shall return to Sevenoaks for a workshop, but right now I sit here sipping my coffee, and yes in some kind of deep reverie. I just breathe it in in joy and gratitude.

I do not need an explanation for it.   I do not need to cling to it.   Just experience it, appreciate it, yes savor it in this moment.

There are things that have led up to it these past few days, intense as they have been with Sevenoaks financial and organizational matters.  In this systemic tension field I feel my joy.  Unexplainable from an ego or logical perspective, but nonetheless so real in me.

So what has helped?  Incredible outside support from my Pathwork Helper and two special Pathwork supervisors, with whom in total I have interacted with for nearly three hours in two days.  And this outside support served to awaken inside support, the kind that is grounded, flexible, and stabilizing.   This is my connection to my Divine Source, or, as I recently imaged from words of Ira Progoff, the “Glowing Bush In the Forest of my Life.”  Whew.  Just sit with this.  Let the energy flow forth me, in me , through me.

Much of this has to do with awakening to what is truly me and being faithful to what is truly my Divine Essence while at the same time being present to all going on around me.

So what is alive in me that brings such richness?  My love of inquiry about life, the Cosmos, God, my inner self, the inner selves of others.  My love of the Pathwork lectures that feed me such nourishment and direction in my inquiry.  My love of engagement from this inner place of truth with the inner truths of others.  Yes, this deep engagement in matters of God and Life and Truth and Love. There, I feel it, the joy, the inner enthusiasm that comes even to this answer to my inquiry, “Who am I.”

And my energy about matters at Sevenoaks and the community comes from my passion for inquiry as to what is true here, what wants to happen here, what is alive here, what may want to die here.   Even diving into the financials and arriving at a deep understanding of what is happening on this material and practical level excites me.   And watching, being present to others involved in all this unfolding of matters at Sevenoaks.

Well, that may be enough for now.  There is much more I wanted to share that happened since my most recent post, but it was as if I was too engaged in Life to share.   Much going on.   I am so grateful in this moment, for this moment.   And from here I feel a deep love for anyone reading this blog entry.  In fact this entire website is born out of my passion for LIFE and longing for engagement and sharing. Please enjoy your life, my friend!