I Am Not a Teacher!

Moth Mullein

Moth Mullein

When in college I would have two kinds of teachers.  One was the teacher teacher.  The other was the researcher teacher.  I generally enjoyed the teacher teacher more, the one who was passionate about teaching us students.  The researcher teacher who was passionate about the subject was not as interesting. Probably because I was in engineering college and really did not have interest in this subject.  A sweet awareness looking back!

This morning I saw this apply to me in my Pathwork service.  I find I am not drawn to teaching.  Rather I am drawn to exploration, research, applied research, applied spirituality, applied Pathwork, if you please!

While I can teach, I am not moved to teach material that is not at my edge. I am more passionate about the material than the students. Let me overcome my guilt about this and accept my truth, and commit myself to what I love.  And material at my edge is often of less interest to students than to me.  Their interest is in growth and Pathwork, but only a few have the passion that I have about this material.   The students need people to meet them where they are, not from where I am.  And this teacher teacher role is just not me. So how do I show up in my specialty of being an applied Pathwork person?

The answer came to me instantly!  This blog is applied Pathwork, sharing my edge.  My helpership or coaching in one-to-one work is applied Pathwork, applying Pathwork to a life issue another is working on.  And my leadership and facilitation work with our Pathwork and other communities is a third branch of my applied Pathwork service.

This feels very aligned with the Pathwork Guide, whose words had everything to do with application and little to do with theory.

Clarity in this insight has given me permission not to teach or lead groups.  I now sense I have found my place at the table in Pathwork. I am at peace.  I’ll wait and see what arises.  This is exciting.