Freedom to Have Faith; Pathwork's Perspective of Fundamentalist Christianity

In this blog entry I supply two Pathwork sources that have been helpful to me in my spiritual formation. One is from Pathwork Lecture 63 – a Questions and Answers session with the Pathwork Guide. The quote is in response to a question a participant had about being a born-again Christian and the efficacy of Jesus Christ’s death for the salvation of the world, i.e., Jesus Christ’s work of redemption. I first read this lecture in February of 2012.

The second source is an entire lecture on the nature of faith and grace given in Pathwork Lecture 250Inner Awareness of Grace – Exposing the Deficit. This latter I had studied several times down through the years, but last week, while preparing the Devotional Version of this lecture, I was struck again by this lecture’s clarity on God’s Grace and humankind’s need for self responsibility as well as Pathwork’s teachings on the nature of faith.

Rather than try to summarize these two lectures, I leave it to the interested reader to dig into these two lectures by opening the links to these sources above. While I suggest reading all of Lecture 250 to get the context of faith, page 12 in the Devotional Version is where the specific nature of faith is described.

Shared in love, Gary