Focusing on My Incarnation

It had been over a year since I attended a Pathwork workshop at Sevenoaks, but one being offered over the April 15-18 weekend by Alison Greene-Barton and Brian O’Donnell attracted me.  OK, actually I did not look that much at the content that was being offered but rather was attracted by the two leaders and the effort I knew that they had put into preparing this workshop.

The workshop title: Opening the Gates of Heaven — Embodying God.  It was based upon Pathwork Lectures numbers 75, 172, and 173.  The material dealt with the energy centers of the body as defined by these Pathwork Lectures.

I had a revealing experience, ah “Aha” moment, in the exercise we did on the Saturday afternoon of the workshop.  In this 1-hour exercise we would approach altars set up for each of the six energy centers and then just see what came to us.  The experience for me was one of receiving a download at each altar, all making up a common theme: be fully in your body on this Earth plane! Be fully in your incarnation.  Feel everything. I guess it would be Ram Dass in his Be Here Now.

I would refer you to the write-up in Pathwork Lecture 172 on these centers.  They are paired: 1) Sexual (or Feeling or Pleasure) Center with 6) Crown, 2) Solar Plexus (Knowing) with 5) Third-Eye (Seeing), and 3) Will Center with 4) Throat (our capacity to ingest and digest).

In the exercise that brought me an “Aha” moment we were to spend ten minutes at each of six altars, one set up for each energy center — an hour total for the six centers.  I apparently was the only one who did the centers in the order of their pairing, beginning with 1), then its paired opposite 6), then 2), 5) 3) and finally 4).

Here is what happened.  For me 1), the sexual, feeling, pleasure center, represented my incarnation.  During my time there I knew it was right to be there.  At 6) I could sense connection to Spirit, but the message was clear, “Go back to 1),” which to me meant go back to my incarnation in this dualistic earth plane.  When I went to 2), the Solar Plexus, concerned with Knowing, I got the image of a Map and the message that this knowing, while important, was the map and not the territory.  The territory was at 1). The message, “Go back to 1).” At 5), the Third-Eye, this was about Seeing Truth, but again it was not the territory of Love.  For feelings and Love I was to go back to 1).  Then at 3) the Will Center I got that I was to be balanced and that I was to feel deeply (be present to) all that I thought and did — that is, back to 1).  Finally at 4), the Throat, the message was that while my digestive system sustained life, here spiritual life, living itself was at 1).   Every center pointed me to 1) the Sexual, Pleasure, Feeling Center, that is, a full embodiment and experience of my incarnation.

Of course those who know me know that things important to me I work with.  So it will come as no surprise that I diagrammed this experience and include it here as a PDF download (1.4m) for those who would be interested.  This set of slides helps crystalize the message for me.  The points for me are to feel all my feelings, that feeling and living are one, and that feelings are where my incarnational lessons await me.