Entering Mental Lostness

Large-Flowered Bellwort

Large-Flowered Bellwort

From meditation.

No answers here. No answers needed. Just be in this sea of lostness. Yes, settle in, snuggle up.

Surprise! Surprise indeed! Relief shows up.

Pause. Feel the Relief, take it in, wallow in it. No pressure to have answers. No tension for “right” answers vs. “wrong” answers. How tired I am of answers at all! Just BE, Yes, just BE.

Letting go of old “knowing,” old ways of knowing, so that a new Knowing can arise in a new way, in a new form, from a new place, a place within, a place of deepest Mystery. Mystery, the place of All Knowing, and all unknowing.

Meet me there, meet me in the place of unknowing. May we both leave answers behind. Please.

Gary, don’t connect with Pathwork. Connect with yourself. Let your soul resonate with Pathwork if it does, but not to learn or master Pathwork but to let Pathwork awaken your soul’s inner Knowing.

Master yourself, Gary. May you find that deep within lives your Source. Your true identity.