Delighting in Beethoven (even more)

As I continue listening to Professor Robert Greenberg’s series on the Symphonies of Beethoven (The Great Courses series)(I am now beginning Symphony Eight) and reading Sullivan’s Beethoven – His Spiritual Development I am inspired. I have now added two quotes from Sullivan’s book that I invite you to read.

The First includes the quote:

“The man who has sincerely accepted a religious scheme in which all the major problems of life are provided with solutions is likely to go through life without ever experiencing the direct impact of those problems. That is, in fact, the weakness of Bach as compared with Beethoven.” … This ties in with my sense that a church life that may be alive for a person may for others inoculate them from a true religious experience. This first quote emphasizes suffering as a teacher, not something to get out of any way one can.

Open First Quote

Open Second Quote (that I gave earlier in a blog)

Shared with love, Gary