Dare I Cut My Tentacles To DOING?

Coffee Time Thursday January 24

Pat: I feel like I’m swimming in the Mystery and Magic of Life. I’ll swim in that! Gary: And I am feeling such nervousness and anxiety swimming in the Mystery of Life! So much unknown. Am I getting Life right? So challenging to let go of this fearful attitude.

Pat: The advantage of my morning and evening practices is that these are times of opening to the reality of swimming in the Mystery and Magic of Reality – not imagining it, but really opening to it. Practicing opening and visualization – building my capacity to see my patterns as distinct from me.

Pat (continued): After our couples’ counseling with Sage and Anthony yesterday, well this shoots one into a realm of Truth – seeing the truth. And I haven’t a clue how bringing all that deep material to consciousness will then settle out, how these ripples of change will settle out. What’s called for is standing back and being in wonder. How can this all be? Certainly this is a testament to a Greater Being – Something beyond us.

Gary: So well said, and yet here I am so anxious, and I’m not really sure why. One thing is that I have this sense that I am behind in Life, and I will never catch up! I’m behind in so much that I say is most important to me: our relationship, my blog, my recording of the additional Pathwork material, preparing for the Helper Retreat in April, my own helpership, to say nothing of all the budget activity and planning for both Mid-Atlantic Pathwork as well as Pathwork Council. It’s exhausting me just to name some of it.

Pat: Perhaps you can do it, but do it in a different way. Maybe you make it so much bigger and inclusive than it actually is. Or perhaps you timing is out of synch with that of the Cosmos. Your helpership, for example; perhaps the broader field to bring this about is not yet there. Is this timely for you just now?

Pat (continued): I’m so glad I’ve given up so many things so I can focus on what is important. This upheaval in our relationship that we experienced with Sage and Anthony yesterday – this is HUGE – and so RIGHT ON. Wednesdays when we have our sessions with Sage and Anthony we need a lot of space afterwards. We need to support one another through all that comes up. The material that comes up is so deep and from such an early time in our childhood. You can’t plan a Board, Executive, or Finance meeting on the same afternoon! To do so is not honoring these precious unfolding times for us.

Pat (continued): Your recording project seems to be on the back burner. You have to choose. Where do you want to direct your energy and effort at this stage in your life? What if you weren’t wrapped up in Mid-Atlantic Pathworkhow would that feel? The “doing things” is still huge for you. Unhooking all these tentacles from the Pathwork organizations you are in is a huge job.

Pat (continued): Last night in bed when you were just holding me – thanks for being with me here. I do not know of another person I would want to be here. Gary: That is sweet. There is so much to take in here.

Shared with love, Gary