Clarifying my Purpose

Yesterday during meditation a six-week series for an introduction to Pathwork came to me.  It was exciting.  As I shared this with Pat during morning coffee today she remarked, “Your barometer of your energy is the whether or not you are facilitating the Pathwork wisdom into the Earth Plane.”

That really resonated with me.  I notice this factor in what energizes me, including: working on the curriculum committee for the Sevenoaks transformation program, recording the Pathwork lectures, coming up with this six-week introduction, my inclusion of Pathwork quotes on my website, and even this blog.  These are things that excite me.   In these activities I feel my enthusiasm and joy.

I am thankful for this moment of clarification.  It explains a lot for me. I encourage you to explore your own purpose, that which resonates deeply with your soul when you are engaged in it.