Back in the Saddle

I realize that, after four years of steady work, for the past six months I have not really spent time on my Pathwork Lecture recordings project, a project that has so filled my time with richness.  This break in the recording project is mostly due to getting tied up in Pathwork administrative activities. But yesterday found me dusting off this project and beginning the editing of a lecture I recorded probably in April.  It was Pathwork Lecture 47 — The Wall Within.

As I got into this lecture, it was like coming home.  I was back in the saddle of this project I love so much.

Many of my friends find the Pathwork material complex, even convoluted, a challenge to follow.  They find Tolle, Adyashanti, Almaas, and others so much clearer and understandable, and in some cases more spiritually oriented. I find that I can celebrate all of that, but am also respectful of my own resonance with the Pathwork material, for whatever reason.  It’s like each of us having a unique key that unlocks the door to our respective Soul’s door.

Just aware of how much I hunger for this food.

Love and blessings to you.