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Devoted to Pathwork

The Pathwork Lecture I was recording was #4 titled Life Weariness. I had to smile at that, for “life weariness” was what I was feeling. But on a deeper level I noticed that I was simply drawn to these Pathwork lectures, perhaps like an artist is drawn to painting, or a musician to composing music or playing an instrument.

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Longing for Connection

In recent months I have come to see the longing I have for connection. It has been, I see, a core theme of my entire life. … its strongest pull is in my relationship with women.

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Brief Visit Back to 9th Grade

I smiled at myself, nearly laughed out loud. But the smile and inner laughter covered lots of pain. The experience took me back to one of my socialization experiences in ninth grade.

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Opening to God, to Jesus Christ

Why do I wrestle so with relating to God or Jesus Christ? What images do I hold about God and Jesus Christ that stand in the way of relating to them in any way that could be called love?

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Gary Vollbracht