Why do I have this website?

My spiritual path since August 2000 has been Pathwork.   Pathwork has given me the context, the tools, the right questions, and the guidance for my life, a life of wrestling, groping, growth, and discovery.

The purpose of this website is to share some of these experiences and the resources that I have both created and used and that have nurtured me on this amazing path.   I find my mode of being in the world is not in formal or official ways but rather simply as one who thrills at sharing what is alive in each of our souls and engaging others who are willing to join me as together we “wake up” more and more to truth and love, to Ultimate Reality, as we live out our lives each day.

The blog section with over 400 entries over the past eight years is a first hand account of my experiences on my spiritual path. This blog includes insights and reflections from my wrestling with the BIG questions in my life, including: Jesus Christ, discerning the right direction for my life — my areas of service and growth, and my ever-deepening relationship with my life partner since 2003, Pat Peterson.  Her path is a program birthed out of Roman Catholicism and Tibetan Buddhism, mine out of conservative Lutheranism and Pathwork.  Our paths interweave nicely and often complement each other.

Since 2012 Pat and I have worked intensely in a conscious relating program with Pathwork leader Sagewalker and her husband Anthony Wilson. Pat’s and my spiritual community consists of local likeminded friends as well as participation in the Sacred Dimensions of the Pathwork program at Sevenoaks Retreat Center, a program organized and often facilitated by Erena Bramos. 

The resources available on this website, mostly from Pathwork, that I have either created or found helpful for my life journey, include links to: 1) Audio recordings of the 258 Pathwork Lectures, 2) Devotional Format of the Pathwork Lectures, 3) Teaching Presentations of several Pathwork Lectures and other spiritually oriented materials,  4) Topical Quotes from the Pathwork Lectures, and 5) Topical Quotes from other relevant sourcesMy intent in sharing this material is to support anyone for whom such information might be useful.

Blessings on your journey.  With love, Gary