Pat Peterson and Gary Vollbracht, Life Companions — Home in Milford, OH outside Cincinnati.

Why do I have this website?

My life-partner Pat and I experience our lives as rich journeys, including times of joy, times of feeling close to God and each other, life and our many family members and friends, and other times feeling quite distant, the proverbial desert times, the “dark night of the soul.”

Pat and I have been on a variety of spiritual paths. Pat’s began in Catholicism, mine in conservative German Lutheranism.  From these roots we have traversed several paths, interacting with many teachers and groups. Today we are rooted in paths that have served us well. My path for the past twelve years has been Pathwork.   Pathwork has given me the context, the tools, the right questions, and the guidance for my life, a life of wrestling, groping, growth, and discovery.

The purpose of this website is to share some of these experiences and the resources that have nurtured me on this amazing path.   While trained as a Pathwork teacher and spiritual companion (“helper” in Pathworkese), I find my mode of being in the world is not in these formal or official ways but rather simply as one who thrills at sharing what is alive in my soul and engaging others who are willing to join me as together we wake up more and more to truth and love as we live our lives each day.

The blog section with about 200 entries over the past three years is a first hand account of my experiences on this path I am on. This blog also includes insights and reflections from my life partner Pat.  Her path is Awakening Into Presence, a program birthed out of Tibetan Buddhism.  Our paths interweave nicely and often complement each other. Being on two different paths keeps us from getting too deeply enmeshed in one way of looking at life.  We also engage in Enneagram work, journaling based on the Ira Progoff methodology, and other spiritually-based growth adventures.

In this website I also share resources, mostly from Pathwork, that I have found helpful for my life journey. See in particular the  Quotes section and, under this, the Pathwork Quotes section that includes over 100 Pathwork quotes that are one to several pages long and are on a single topic of importance to one’s spiritual journey.  My intent in sharing this material is to support anyone for whom such information might be useful.

I have also included a links page by which resources I have found useful may be accessed.

I also enjoy engaging people on these topics and experiences, comparing and sharing lives, and thereby nurturing one another. I work with fellow life travelers in one-to-one sharing and coaching, and in small support and learning groups. So another intention of this website is to reach out to others who might like to explore various ways of connecting and growing through small group work or life coaching or helper experiences.  The section Pathwork Resources/Events explains these offerings under subheadings: Presentations, Workshops, and Pathwork Helper and Business Coaching services.

Finally, I have been making audio recordings of the Pathwork Lectures for over six years. These recordings, including all 258 of the Pathwork Lectures and some of the additional material, over 200 hours of recorded Pathwork material, are available for free as mp3 downloads from the International Pathwork Foundation, or in other forms as shown in the Pathwork Audio section of this website. Here there are also links to a dozen Pathwork Lecture recordings so you can get a feel for whether or not these would be useful for your growth and development.

Blessings on your journey.  With love, Gary